I+G Di Sodium Guanylate Di Sodium Inosinate (IMP+GMP)


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I+G Di Sodium Guanylate Di Sodium Inosinate (IMP+GMP)Manufacturer India


I+G Di Sodium Guanylate Di Sodium Inosinate (IMP+GMP)

Product Specifications :
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I+G Di Sodium Guanylate Di Sodium Inosinate (IMP+GMP)

I+G is the flavor enhancers which are synergistic with glutamates in creating the taste of umami. It is a mixture of

disodium insinate (IMP) and disodium guanylate (GMP) and is often used where a food already contains natural glutamates

(as in meat extract) or added monosodium glutamate (MSG). It is primarily used in flavored noodles, snack foods, chips

, crackers, sauces, and fast foods.

Specification of  Disodium 5'-Inosinate(IMP+GMP)


Items Specifications
Appearance White Crystals or Crystalline Powder
State of solution (Transmittance): ≤95.0%
Amino acid: Solution appear colorless
NH4+ (ammonium): Color of litmus paper unchanged
PH: 7.0 - 8.5
Arsenic (As2O3): ≤0.0001%
Heavy metals (Pb): ≤0.001%
Other nucleotides: Not detectable
Loss on drying: ≤25.0%
Assay (I+G): 97-102%
IMP (mixed proportion): 48-52%
GMP (mixed proportion): 48-52%


Nucleotide(I+G) also called I+G , we put its industrial top level I+G into operation . It is a mixture of IMP and GMP ,

a new generation of the food freshener . I+G is white or beige , crystal or powder . It can enhance the freshness of the food ,

and named " King of the Flavor " .


Quality Standards :

•  White crystalline powder

•  Amino Acids Test Passes

•  Ammonium Salt Test Passes


Application :

•  Cookies

•  Meat

•  Snack