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Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate

Chemical Name:
Disodium Dihydrogen Diphosphate,

Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate,

sapp, B.P. Pyro; Donut Pyro; Perfection; Sapp #4; Taterfos; Victor Cream; disodium pyrophosphate; disodium diphosphate; disodium dihydrogen phosphate.
Disodium Pyrophosphate or Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate is a buffering and chelating agent used in canned seafood, as a scald agent in poultry and pork, as a sequesterant in potato products, and is used to aid leavening in baked goods. In leather treatment sodium acid pyrophosphate can be used to remove iron stains on hides during processing. It can stabilize hydrogen peroxide solutions against oxidation. It can be used for cleaning with sulphamic acid in some dairy applications. In Petroleum production, it can be used as a dispersant in oil well drilling muds. Dihydrogen disodium pyrophosphate sodium acid pyrophosphate is also found in hash browns (frozen) to keep the color of the potatoes from fading. Packing: 50 lb or 25 kg net carton or bag with an inner P/E liner bag Reference Wikipedia
Formula: Na2H2P2O7

Molecular Weight: 222

Cas number : 7758-16-9
Einecs number : 231-835-0
Product grade : Food Grade
Description : Disodium Pyrophosphate 28 (SAPP 28) is an aerator grade of sodium acid pyrophosphate for bakery applications with a slow Rate of Reaction.
Applications : Disodium Pyrophosphate 28 (sodium acid pyrophosphate) is used as a slow reacting aerator acidulant in conjunction with sodium bicarbonate.
sodium acid pyrophosphate has a rate of reaction of 26 - 30% CO2 in 8 minutes.

Main Entry: sodium pyrophosphate Function: noun : a crystalline acid salt Na2H2P2O7 of pyrophosphoric acid that has been added to hot dogs to give them color—called also sodium acid pyrophosphate source:merriem-webster-online

SODIUM ACID PYROPHOSPHATE prevents change in colour darkening in potatoes (aaloo) and sugar syrups
sodium acid pyrophosphate is the slowest-acting sodium acid pyrophosphate. Developed specifically for use in canned, refrigerated biscuit doughs. The CO2 release is extremely low – enabling doughs to be held for long periods, even at above normal temperatures. Used as a leavening agent in doughnuts, cakes and other prepared mixes. Frequently used with slower-acting sodium acid pyrophosphate to increase reaction rates

sodium acid pyrophosphate uses in food: Pies, Ice Creams, Puddings, Frozen Cakes, Pie Tops, Snacks, Muesli Bars, Fruit Twists, Fillings, Bases & Toppings, Instant Puddings, Self Saucing Puddings, Cake Mixes, Pancake Mixes, Muffin Mixes, Cookie Mixes, Cupcake Mixes, Baking Mixes, Instant Pasta & Sauces, Instant Soups, Waffles, Cookies