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Sodium Cyclamate

Product Specifications :
Untitled Document Sodium Cyclamate sweetener BP95 NF13 good price 
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Good water-soluble - can be used in cold water, hot water soluble. 
Sweet fresh - with sugar, like sweet, no smell, and do not filter. 
No toxic - not harmful to humans, diabetes can also be widely used sweeteners are safe for human consumption. 
Stability of high - on the general heat, acids, alkalis do not break down, with non-degenerate, the advantages do not absorb moisture. 
1. Water-use ratio of 1 to 500 with sufficient sweetness. 
2. Cyclamate alone, the sweetness of sucrose equivalent to 10 grams for 500 grams (that is, 50 times). 
3. Sodium cyclamate and sucrose used in conjunction with, the sweetness of up to 80 times more. 
4. Sodium cyclamate and sucrose and 0.3% by weight of organic acids (citric acid, etc.) when used together, the sweetness of up to 100 times. 
5. Sodium cyclamate and sucrose and 0.3% by weight of organic acids and 10% by weight with the use of saccharin, the sweetness of up to 150 times more.