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Yeast Extract

Product Specifications :
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Yeast Extract
1.Clean label 
2.Used into food ingredient field. 
3.Natural MSG replacer. 
4.Umami taste

Specification of Yeast Extract





Light yellow or brown powder


Dry matter (%)

≥ 94.0


Moisture (%)

≤ 5.0


Total Nitrogen (%)

≥ 5.0


Amino-N (%)






Arsenic (As)

≤ 3 mg/kg


Heavy Metal (Pb)

≤ 20 mg/kg


Total plate count

≤ 10000cfu/g



≤ 30/100g


Pathogenic bacteria



Descriptions of Yeast Extract – High Nucleotide Acid Products:

Yeast Extract in powder, paste and liquid forms are all available. Content of natural I+G: 4%-20%. It is also a kind of natural, nutritional and good-for-healthy flavor enhancer for its strong Umami taste.

Characteristics of Yeast Extract – High Nucleotide Acid Products:

1. Natural nucleotide acid (free of IMP and GMP);

2. Good MSG replacer for its remarkable Umami taste;

3. Clean label;

4 Yeast Extract – High Nucleotide Acid Products

5. Our powder Yeast Extract features with large grain diameter, good fluidity and excellent moisture-resistance ability.


 Yeast Extract – High Nucleotide Acid Products is one of the main global Yeast Extract supplier in the world and the production capacity is ranged No.1 in the Asia .


 Yeast Extract – High Nucleotide Acid Products extract takes the fresh and natural yeast as its raw material. By using the modern bio technology, we will biodegrade the protein and nucleic acid inside the yeast cells into the highly nutritious natural flavoring ingredients.


It is rich in various amino acids, polypeptide, flavor nucleotides, group-B vitamin and free from cholesterol and fatty acid.


The product can be widely used in soup , seasoning, savory products ,instant noodles, meat products, essence, snack food, oyster sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, biscuit, fast frozen food, vegetarian food and tonic products.


Yeast Extract as Food additive Replace MSG and Marmite.vitemin b

  What is Yeast Extract?
Yeast Extract is the common name for various forms of processed yeastproducts made by extracting the cell contents (removing the cell walls); they are used as food additives or flavourings, or as nutrients for bacterial culture media. They are often used to create savory flavors andumamitaste sensations. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is used for umami, but has no flavor. Yeast Extract, like MSG, often contains free glutamic acid. Yeast Extracts in liquid form can be dried to a light paste or a dry powder. Glutamic acid in Yeast Extracts are produced from an acid-base fermentation cycle, only found in some yeasts, typically ones bred for use in baking.
Yeast products can be used for a wide range of applications:

Flavouring Yeast Extracts can be used across the entire flavouring area. Products are equally suitable for premixing in the condiment and snack area and for the traditional application areas in soups, sauces and the ready-cooked meals.

Nutritional Special vitamin yeast powder consists of a pure, inactivated yeast (S.cerevisiae ), the nutritional value of which is increased by a supplement of the vitamins niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin B6. The products have a pleasant, yeast-typical taste. Auxoferm special vitamin yeast powder has a good water binding and emulsifying capacity. It is excellently suitable for tabletizing.

Beta-(1,3)/(1,6) Glucan is known as an immunostimulant derived from the cell walls of bakers yeast. It activates white blood cells, such as macrophages, granulocytes and monocytes, responsible for defence against infections, and supports the repair of damaged tissues in the body.