zinc citrate


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Zinc Citrate Manufacturer India

Zinc Citrate

Product Specifications :
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Sports Supplements Zinc Citrate 
1. High zinc assay, it is 32%~34%. 
2. It is organic zinc citrate and can be absorbed fast and easily.

Sports Supplements Zinc Citrate

1. Description:

Molecular formula: Zn3 (C6H5O7)2 • 2H2O

Molecular weight: 610.37

CAS NO.: 546-46-3

EINECS NO.: 208-901-2

Appearance: White powder.

Solubility: It is slightly soluble in water.


a. High zinc citrate assay, it is 32%~34%. The addition is little and thereby the cost is reduced.

b. zinc citrate is organic zinc citrate. Citric acid in the body can be involved in the citric acid cycle, and enhance the function of human digestion and absorption. So it can be absorbed fast and easily.

c. zinc citrate can be used in diabetic patients for zinc supplement.

d. zinc citrate is odorless and have a good taste and no astringency.

e. zinc citrate has biodegradable functional and no environmental pollution. So it is safe as food additive.

f. zinc citrate is the only zinc complex exist in human breast milk, so it’s absorbed more easily than zinc in milk.

g. When deficiency of iron and zinc at the same time, the use of zinc citrate can avoid antagonist effect with iron.

Application: For it’s anti-adhesive function, zinc citrate especially suitable for the manufacture of tablet and powder food. Besides, zinc citrate can also be as toothpaste additive, avoiding gingivitis, dental calculus and dental bleeding.


2. COA:



Assay   %


Loss on drying  %


Sulfate   %


Chloride %


Heavy metals   %


Lead (as Pb) %


Arsenic (as As) %



3. zinc citrate Storage: Preserve in well-closed containers and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, to prevent the heat or sun exposure. Prohibited mixed with hazardous and toxic materials during store and transportation.