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About us

About us

Advance Inorganics established itself in the year 1980 as a small size enterprise. Slowly, banking on the manufacturing know-how and promise towards superiority, we proved as one of the leading suppliers of inorganic and organic chemicals. We have domestic as well as international clients as well. We are an ISO9001-2015 and ISO22000 and GMP certification. We never compromise on quality! Due to our constant hard work and reliable customer care service, we won our customer's heart.

With over 50 years of experienced in manufacturing chemicals, we have reached the point of excellence in quality, and we received appreciation nationwide. We are located at Tilak Bazar, Delhi. The present CEO of this company is Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta.

What are we exactly?

As we are one of the reputed chemicals manufactures, we offer our customers advantages of domestic and international trade and transport the materials easily. For all our International and National clients, we provide a stable and reliable supply base. We offer flexible and a speedy production process.

Our present market

We deliver our products across the world, and people can be found at any location easily. Chemicals are such products that are hugely used in several volumes and forms. There are some industries where we serve like agriculture, textile, glass, rubber, electronics and many more.

Why us

We use only superior quality raw materials for bulk organic chemicals for use! Our proficiency comes from the long skill that we have in the industry and the superior technologies that we utilize in our facilities. Strong associations and Efficient teamwork & have directed us to success.



“Advanced Inorganics provides hassle free services. They give immediate response to queries. With complete range of high quality chemicals this company provides test report of all the products you want to purchase,”

Ashok Kumar, New Delhi

“This is a quality conscious company. We bought most of the chemical needs from them. This seems to be the only shop in the area of Tilak bazar that lets you to have the test reports for all their products.””

Rounak Chopra, Noida

“I had a requirement for food chemicals and Advanced Inorganics is the best one I could go for. They not only focus on quality of their products but also give attention to its pricing. This company has a complete range of products.”

Sarthak Ganguly, Delhi



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