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Know the uses of preservatives and its benefits

Know the uses of preservatives and its benefits

by Advance in Organics

Preservatives are a wide variety of compounds that are used to prevent or slow down the growth of bacteria in a wide range of products, such as foods, personal care products and medicines. Below mentioned are some of its uses and benefits.

  • Food: Preservatives are used in food items to prevent it from spoilage that are caused by bacteria, fungus, yeast and molds. It helps to keep food fresh for longer time. It extends its shelf life and helps to slow the changes in flavor, texture and colour.
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicine: Preservatives are commonly found to be used in medicines, like insulin, cough syrup and acetaminophen. This is done in order to help prevent contamination from microbial. These help to prevent the micro-organisms growth, especially fungi and bacteria, which may result into infection or disease.
  • Wood: Preservatives are used in wood so that it can be used for road signs, play structures, building telephone poles, raised garden beds and marine pilings and decks.
  • Cosmetics and personal care products: These consist of antimicrobial preservatives that aids in preventing the growth of bacteria, molds and yeasts. It guards against contamination that could otherwise cause infections or irritation. The products like shampoo, cleansers, sunscreen, toothpaste, lotions and makeup are added with preservatives in order to prevent contamination and growth of harmful bacteria. Antioxidant preservatives suppress the reactions of cosmetic or personal care that can occur when oxygen combines with certain ingredients in the presence of heat, light and some metals.

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