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Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Kg

Packaging Size25 KG BAGS
Packaging TypeBAGS

FOS can be added as a sugar substitute to “low-calorie foods,” or as a bulking agent or “added fiber” to nutritional bars and beverages, baby foods, biscuits, cakes, confectionery, milk, hard candies, ice cream, yogurt, jams, jellies, muffins, ready-to-eat cereals, sorbet, pre-prepared soups or other commercial foods [5].


FOS Supplements

FOS can be extracted from chicory roots or produced from inulin (using the enzyme inulase) or sucrose (using the enzymes derived from Aspergillus japonicus yeasts) [5]. FOS is available as powder or capsules. It can be found in some prebiotic, probiotic and fiber supplements. Before buying FOS-containing supplements, consider there are plenty of natural foods containing prebiotics and fiber.

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Cerium Oxide

Cerium Oxide

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Density7.22 g/cm3
Melting Point2400 Degree C
Molar Mass172.115 g/mol

Our firm offers Cerium Oxide in the market in pure form. Eco friendly in nature, this oxide is perfectly prepared by the chemical experts. In addition to this, these oxides are moisture proof and bear accurate ph range.

Other Details:

  • CAS No: 1306-38-3
  • Appearance: Light yellow powder
  • Standard Packing: 1kg/25kg/50kg net. per vacuum bags.

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Preventive Coating Zinc Phosphate

Preventive Coating Zinc Phosphate

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kg

Physical StatePowder
Grade StandardBio-Tech Grade
Boiling Point93 Degree C
Molar Mass386.11 g/mol
We provide to our clients the Zinc Phosphate, it is used for various purposes like weatherproof coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, etc.

Zinc phosphate chemical examination report:
ProjectGuaranteed ValuesExamination result

ColorWhiteWhite powder
Zinc content48-5250.5
Phosphate %40-4644
The PH Value414016.5
Oil absorption g/100g25-3527
Residue on sieve( 45um)0.0050.4

Usage: Pure zinc phosphate is widely used in various coating materials for preparation of waterproof, acid-resistant or corrosion preventive coating materials such as phenolic paint, epoxy paint, acrylic paint, paste paint and water-soluble resin paint in the fields of shipbuilding, automobile, industrial machinery, light metal, household appliances and metal containers for foods.

The most commonly applied paint pretreatment for developing good bonding qualities between paint and the galvanized or Galvan nealed coatings on steel sheet is zinc phosphate. In addition to the excellent effect that a zinc phosphate coating has on paint adhesion, it also aids to decrease, often dramatically, the tendency for paint disbandment during subsequent atmospheric exposure in a corrosive environment. Zinc phosphate coatings can be applied to the galvanized sheet while it is in a coil form by either the steel manufacturer or a coil coater (manufacturer of prepainted sheet), or it can be applied to the cut sheet or fabricated article by the end-use manufacturer. The usual zinc phosphate process involves several steps, both if the coating is applied on a coil line or by the part manufacturer. If there are oils present on the surface of the galvanized or Galvan nealed steel, the first step is the removal of the oil by decreasing. This might involve cleaning with the use of an aqueous, alkaline cleaning solution or by other forms of degreasing with the use of solvents. Preferably, if the phosphating is done on a coil processing line, the next step involves the use of a conditioning stage; the application of a titanium phosphate conditioner to prepare the galvanized/Galvan nealed surface for the development of a superior zinc phosphate coating. The titanium phosphate aids in the development of a uniform phosphate coating with small zinc phosphate crystals by depositing sub-micron size particles which act as seeds to promote the growth of zinc phosphate crystals on the surface of the galvanized sheet.

Applications of Zinc Phosphate Coatings:

  • Oil Gas Industry: Primer for critical components
  • Defense: CARC primer. Nonreflective finish for equipment.
  • Automotive: Base for organic coatings.
  • Aerospace: Break-in of moving parts and threads. Primer for specialized coatings.
  • Gears Bearings: Holds lubricants on a surface.

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Guar Gum Powder

Guar Gum Powder

Price on Request
Packaging Size100GM
Packaging TypePacket

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