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Zinc Citrate Chemicals

We are a leading Manufacturer of zinc citrate and fish / bovine sources collagen peptide from Delhi, India.
Zinc Citrate

Zinc Citrate

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Physical StatePowder
Molecular FormulaC12H10O14Zn3
Molecular Weight574.338 g/mol
Assay98 %
High zinc assay, it is 32%~34%. It is organic zinc and can be absorbed fast and easily.

  • Appearance White powder.
  • Solubility It is slightly soluble in water.




  • High zinc assay, it is 32%~34%. The addition is little and thereby the cost is reduced.
  • It is organic zinc. Citric acid in the body can be involved in the citric acid cycle, and enhance the function of human digestion and absorption. So it can be absorbed fast and easily.
  • It can be used in diabetic patients for zinc supplement.
  • It is odorless and have a good taste and no astringency.
  • It has biodegradable functional and no environmental pollution. So it is safe as food additive.

It is the only zinc complex exist in human breast milk, so it's absorbed more easily than zinc in milk.When deficiency of iron and zinc at the same time, the use of zinc citrate can avoid antagonist effect with iron.


Application For it's anti-adhesive function, it especially suitable for the manufacture of tablet and powder food. Besides, it can also be as toothpaste additive, avoiding gingivitis, dental calculus and dental bleeding.

Assay %98.0~103.0
Loss on drying %6.5
Sulfate %0.05
Chloride %0.05
Heavy metals %0.001
Lead (as Pb) %0.0005
Arsenic (as As) %0.0003

Storage Preserve in well-closed containers and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, to prevent the heat or sun exposure. Prohibited mixed with hazardous and toxic materials during store and transportation.


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Fish / Bovine Sources Collagen Peptide

Fish / Bovine Sources Collagen Peptide

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PH Value5 %
Physical StatePowder
Grade StandardBio-Tech Grade
Shelf Life12 %
Collagen peptone is also known as Collagen peptide or Collagen protein hydrolysate or Hydrolysed collagen. Collagen peptone is majorly different from other protein like Casein, Soya, and Meat. They also have Cystine and Tryptophan amino acids. But Collagen peptone is deficient in these two amino acids Cystine and Tryptophan. Collagen peptone is rich in the hydroxy proteins, & Proline which is 12 – 18 times higher. These types of amino acids have important role in building Fibrous tissues. Deficiency of these may creates the pain in joints, increase skin wrinkles, and hair fall. The study shows that collagen peptone has regenerative effect on bones cartilage.

• Collagen peptone is natural source of major chain of Amino acid and does not have any side effect.
• The structure of collagen peptone is almost similar to the collagen in human body.
• It stimulates anabolic phase of cartilage matrix turn over.

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